The HOW-TO of Physician Finances

After graduating with a bachelor's and master's degree in tax accounting and teaching personal finance to the 'average person', I noticed a large gap between the traditional path to achieving financial independence and what actually works for a physician + family. They all promise financial freedom, but there was no specific plan of HOW to apply financial literacy to a physician family carrying what feels like insurmountable debt.

- This is why I created Finance Basics For Physicians.

No more advice from your broke uncle. No more sorting through hundreds of outdated resources.

A Financial System That Works

  • Interactive Video Content

    Downloadable content, Q&A sessions, + hands-on video lessons

  • Focus on Physicians + Families

    Exclusive focus on how to navigate finances as a physician + family; get aligned and make your finances work for you.

  • Actionable Content

    Action items are included with each lesson to show you HOW to apply the information + cater it to your specific needs.

  • Digital Tools

    Access to unique tools and templates with specific “How To” video walk-throughs showing HOW to utilize the technology out there.

  • No Fluff

    A compilation of tried and tested principles from financial blogs, college textbooks, and tested research.

What Previous Students Have To Say

“When I say she helped change the future for my family, I mean it. I look at money a lot differently after her teaching me just the fundamentals of budgeting. From figuring out where we were overspending to knowing how much I'm going to spend at the grocery store, she's taught me everything in between.”


“I moved from Canada to the US as part of my husband's medical training journey. As a Certified Financial Planner myself, I had a strong financial background. But so much of what I knew didn't apply in the US, or to physician households. Hope was super helpful. I attended her sessions and learned about so many of the things I had 'heard' of, but didn't fully understand. Her presentations are clear and relevant, and she was able to answer so many of my burning questions about physician household finances in the US! I highly recommend learning from Hope if you have the opportunity!”


“There is a shortage of financial knowledge and compassion in the world. Luckily, Hope has enough of both to share with the rest of us! The classes have been great for building a firm financial foundation that I know will help me for a lifetime. This class is great for getting in touch with your financial future so that you are no longer controlled by money. Schools don't teach this stuff unless you seek it out. Fortunately, Hope provides an incredible place to get started!”


“Hope's class is very well organized and is explained simply enough that anyone can understand! I loved that even though I might not be in certain situations (buying a house, car, investing) it was a great way to obtain information now so that I am not blindsided or trying to completely learn everything when that time comes.”


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